Pledge business support

If you are in a position to offer a business’s support – we need you!

This is a small charity, focused on spending every pound we receive in the local area.  If you work for, or own, a business in West Yorkshire, then there are all sorts of ways you could help us.  Some of our suggestions are listed below, but if you have any other ideas please get in touch.

  • Become an official partner to Elliot’s Footprint – for an annual donation we’ll make sure your support is recognised on the website and in any marketing material and media releases we produce.
  • Make us your chosen charity of the year – we can provide you with our footprint badges, t-shirts and coin boxes so that your staff can raise money for Elliot’s Footprint.
  • Donate an item that we can auction at our Red Tie Ball or buy tickets to attend the event.  More details are HERE.
  • Provide skills support – we are going to need specialist advice in areas like legal advice and web development, so volunteering time in these kind of areas would be really useful
  • Think about one-off work events that would raise money for the charity – from donating money that would have gone on Christmas cards to a coffee morning or baking competition.

If you can offer any support to us, please do get in touch.

And don't forget that as a registered charity any financial donations your company make will qualify for corporation tax relief .