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It's EJ's Birthday today.

Today would have been Elliot's 7th Birthday. Andrea has written a poem about her special boy.

Happy Birthday EJ
Wow, you are 7 years old my little man,
But not being able to share your special day,

Was never part of the plan.
The house was so quiet when I awoke,
EJ, my heart just broke,
My ‘new’ 7 year old having a play,
Getting excited about his day,
Was just a wish in my heart,
That just so tears me apart.
A party, cake, presents and fun,
That’s what I would have planned for my son,
But I have bought you some light up balloons for your tree,
And some red flowers to attract the butterflies and bees
My last hug with you was as my 2 year old little boy

Whose life was full of love, chaos and joy
But 7 seems such a big number EJ,
it’s so hard not to see you grow,
There is so much I long to know,
Would your favourite colour still be the same?
What games would you like to play?
What stories would I snuggle you with in bed?
These are all questions that roll around my head.
I’d do anything for just one more hug,
To read you just one more book,
But life doesn’t always work the way we plan,
But I’m so proud that you were my little man.
I know today I can’t share with you,
But there are things that will see me through,
I have your cheeky smile deep in my heart,
I can see the mischievous sparkle in your eyes,
And I know how much you loved all ‘your guys’,
So happy birthday EJ,
I’ll always love you more than words can ever say.
Mummy xxx

Andrea Completes Harewood Half Marathon!

Andrea has just completed another run on behalf of Elliot's Footprint. Despite the mud and the rain she completed it in 2:48, not bad considering the weather! 

Andrea is doing 5 different half and full marathons this year to help raise money for Elliot's Footprint. The money she is raising will be part of our brand new campaign and we will be updating you soon about the details and how you can get involved.

Andrea said:

'Squelching through the mud reminded me of something - and helped drive me on for the last few miles.  At one of Emily's football games - the pitch was across a huge muddy bog.  Me and Elliot watched the game from the touchline and EJ was his usual rascal self and as usual managed to find all the mud going. On the way back to the car we had to walk through the bog. EJ wanted to walk as he loved squelching with his wellies. He was so muddy and wet - then he looked at me and send 'carry' - I looked at him and just said EJ you are so muddy - his eyes just lit up - 'I'm muddy mummy, carry'. I tried to get Emily to carry him as she was already muddy from the game - but her and EJ were in on this now, both big smiles - knowing exactly what they were up to. I picked him up and man I was covered, he hugged me so tightly and tried to wrap his wellies round me.  He pulled back, looked at me, eyes smiling and said mummy muddy now. Emily thought it was so funny.
Memory made me smile but also made me incredibly sad - but remembered why I was knee deep in mud at that moment - keeps EJ's spirit alive - and what an amazing spirit he had.'

We are so proud of her achievement today! You can support Andrea's run by clicking on the button below:

Go Andrea and Steve!

Our founder Andrea recently went on a bit of run with Steve Leyland (an amazing friend of Elliot's footprint.) They both completed the Yorkshire Marathon to raise money for us here and we are so very proud of both of them and they have raised over £1200 for the charity!

Andrea's sponsored walk across Hadrians Wall with Elliots Godmum Tricia also raised over £1500 for the work that we do. We are so very proud.

Roxie's All-Star Success

The 2nd Annual Roxie's All Stars 9's Tourney was a huge success! We want to sincerely thank Claire, Damian, our volunteers, and Bradford Dudley Hill RLFC for helping us make today such an amazing event.

We also want to thank everyone who came out today. Because of your generous donations we were able to raise over £2000!

What have we been working on?

It's been a busy few months for us here at Elliot's Footprint. Here is just some of the work we have been doing.

  • Funding e-learning bereavement training package for schools that attend our schools training events that are run in partnership with Leeds City Council Healthy Schools and Child Bereavement UK.  So far we have been involved in training teaching and support staff from over 75 schools in Leeds.  Next Schools Training event is coming up 30th November.
  • Working with the LGI hospital Trust we have helped to rewrite and design a new support leaflet that parents will receive after the death of their child.  
  • We have helped to fund a bereavement room at the LGI that is a space for families who suffer the devastation of losing a child.  A huge thank you to Neil Nicklin and his employers CTS Shopfitting LTD.  He was fantastic in his support, sourcing material and making the room a soft comforting space.  They donated over £1000 of labour and materials to make it happen.